GrayScale Company


Alexa 35 Production Set (Coming Soon)

LPL Mount, PL Mount (LBUS), Canon EF Mount (LBUS)
4.6K Open Gate ARRIRAW & ProRes Capture (Up to 75FPS)
4K 16:9 ARRIRAW Capture (Up to 120FPS)

17 Stops of Dynamic Range

Internal ND Filters



Production Set + Accessories

MVF - 2

LPL Mount (with PL mount Adapter)
PL Mount (L-BUS)
EF Mount (L-BUS)

3 - CODEX HS 2TB Cards

CODEX Thunderbolt 3 Card Reader

B - Mount Battery Plate



4 - 240 WH Dionic B-Mount Batteries

2 - 98 WH Dionic B-Mount Batteries

LP-4 B-Mount Charger

Innerspace Case


URSA Mini Pro G2 Package

Canon EF Mount & PL Mount

4.6K RAW & ProRes Capture (Up to 120FPS)

3K 2X Anamorphic (Up to 150FPS)

Internal ND Filters


2 256 CFAST 2.0 Cards

1 CFAST 2.0 USB 3 Card Reader
3 230WH AB Mount Batteries1 AB Dual Quick Charge1 URSA Mini Pro Shoulder Kit1 URSA Mini OLED EVF


SmallHD 703 Ultra Bright (Director's Kit)
SmallHD 702 Bright



DZOFILM Pictor Cine Zooms

  • 20mm-55mm T 2.8
  • 50mm-125mm T 2.8



OConnor 515s Fluid Head

OConnor 35L HydraLift Carbon Fibre Legs

Manfrotto 536B Carbon Fibre Legs



Tiffen Steadicam Zephyr

Zephyr Vest

Zephyr Sled

Zephyr ISO Arm


Easyrig Cine 3 700N



Block Battery S800 800wh x2